Damn, it feels good to be a writer


Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading at the 7th (I may have previously said 8th) Cracked Walnut event as part of the sixteen for ’16.

The event took place in one of the newer brew pubs in town, Lake Monster Brewing. If you haven’t been there yet I recommend putting it on your list of places to see this summer.

The days leading up to the reading pulled me in too many directions. It was my first week back to work, my car literally fell apart and I have kids. Needless to say, I felt ill prepared the day of the event. I still hadn’t chosen my pieces, I hadn’t timed my set, I wasn’t entirely sure what I chose would actually fit the HOOKED theme. I was a straight up mess. For those of you who know me, you are probably laughing, because alladat is nothing new.

With the help of my mother, patient daughter and ridiculously supportive fiance, I got to to the event early enough to practice in the car. I was the second to read and you know what, it went well. I even got a “woooo” amidst the applause. A woman came up and hugged me afterward, it was pretty cool.

I met some other great writers, some of  whom expressed interest in Writers Read. I talked with a few women who had some brilliant ideas for me to try moving forward (more on that later).


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