Exercise is dumb, but here’s what I’m learning

On Monday I started a 30-day fitness challenge aptly titled, the Make Fat Cry ChallengeYesterday, after only two days, everything hurt. EVERY. THING. I hobbled around all day at work. The longer I sat, the harder it was to get up, so I tried to move more. When I got home, I was seriously dreading the day three workout. I kept putting it off. I read 6 batches of poems (not mine – for a Sixfold contest) and submitted my comments and rankings. Then as I sit there staring at my computer, my honey says, “Babe, day 3? You can’t quit after two days.” So much side eye went his way, but he was right.

He hears and tries to counter every terrible thing I say (and believe) about myself. He’s incredibly supportive of me and all of the crazy things I do and try. I am lucky.

So, I slowly make my way downstairs, start the Day 3 video and you know what? It sucked. It hurt. I was sweaty and out of breath. I was yelling and cursing, but I did it. Afterward I laid on the floor, stretching my muscles and felt accomplished.

I am taking charge, not just of my body, but my mind. That is the area that needs the most work. My body has changed over the years, but it is always here for me. Feeling my muscles, my achy legs, my abs when I laugh; that feels like progress and my mind releases a little of it’s grip on my expectations of myself.

Baby steps. Sometimes it’s all we can do. 




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