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Upcoming Empowerment Series

Dear Lovelies,

I’m going to tell you a little story.

This is Lisa.









I met Lisa in September of 2015. I had just launched a reading series as a way to promote my upcoming poetry collection and I was looking for readers. She expressed interest so we sent a few messages back and forth. Then, without warning she said, “Hey, we should meet up!” Sure, I mean we were both poets, both publishing our first book with Wise Ink, but–I don’t meet people. I’m not even sure how I have friends. Seriously. Nevertheless, I agreed and now, the rest is history.

She was there for my book launch and I was there for hers. Believe it or not, our similarities far outweigh our differences. Though sometimes I wonder. Where she is bubbly and stylish, I am reserved and practical. Where she is focused and driven, I am cautious and forgetful.

Now here’s the thing I quickly learned about Lisa–she knows exactly what she wants and usually has a pretty good idea of how she’s going to get there. She’ll send you cryptic texts to let you know you are somehow part of her next plan. You’ll agree even while the introvert in you is screaming, “Noooooooo!”

So, here it is–I have agreed to be a speaker for the Unveiled Beauty Cultivating YOU Empowerment Series. My session, titled Healing Through Words, will explore how writing can reunite you with the inner power that has the ability to help you process difficult material, reflect on it, and rewrite the path for your future.

Tickets for this session and others can be purchased HERE.

Here’s what else I learned about Lisa. If you need someone in your corner, she’s your gal. If you need to be uplifted, she’s your gal. If you think you can’t, she will tell you you can–she’s your gal. This is why I said yes–even when everything inside me said no and tried to tear me down–she is the epitome of women’s empowerment. She talks the talk, but she also walks the walk.

I hope you will join us.



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