Sweet Blindness!


Or: (At Least) 23 Things Trump Voters also Support, Advance, Condone, Endorse and/or Excuse

The feature piece in The Talk of the Town section of this week’s New Yorker is written by Amy Davidson and is called, in the print edition, “October Surprises.” It joins a list of thoughtful pieces, many of them from left-leaning sources, examining what we’ve learned about Hillary (and Bill) Clinton because of the Wikilieaks dump. Before I list some of the things a person supports / advances / condones / endorses / excuses when they vote for Donald Trump, let me begin by sharing that in the last couple of weeks I’ve had more than a few conversations with centrists, Democrats, and liberals expressing concern about Hillary Clinton. We start by pointing out that she has known for more than ten years she was going to run for President. We credit her with…

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