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And here’s where you come in

My book, Tiptoe and Whisper, has been out for just over two months. I had all of these plans for how I would release it into the world, but then, SURPRISE! Kingston was born three weeks early. Naturally, most of my time and energy has been spent on him. I have not had an official launch party and am now wondering if that is even worth it. I’ve been somewhat discouraged the past few weeks. Wondering if I did the right thing. A lot of time and money went into this and for what? An ego boost? A way to satisfy my teenage dream? I am trying to remain positive and hopeful even in the face of these harsh realities – I’m still not being published in journals/magazines, I have hundreds of books sitting in my garage AND they still say no one reads/appreciates poetry. (THANK YOU to everyone who supported my book in its early stages and to those of you who have purchased it. Seriously. I’m just being dramatic.)

So, staring all of that in the face I wonder, is my heart still in the right place? It’s been too easy to go to a negative place. And here’s where you come in.

  1. If you have read my book, please consider writing a review (good or bad – honestly!) on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. If you enjoyed it, consider recommending it to a friend. Maybe even point them to this blog or my Facebook page.
  2. I could really use some inspiration. Please share any books, articles, and writing prompts that have helped keep you going.
  3. Anecdotes are also welcome.

Thank you, Lovelies, for being here.




One thought on “And here’s where you come in

  1. You are totally not just being dramatic! These are valid feelings anyone who dares to “put themselves out there” will feel. Being creative and taking a chance is a really vulnerable position to put yourself in (most people are not brave enough), but know that doing so inspires others! You did that!

    If you have a launch party, I will be there! 🙂

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