I apologize for my disappearing act! It’s been a crazy few weeks. My book came out, I gave birth to my beautiful son Kingston and I accepted a new position (a promotion y’all!) at the U! When I return to work in June I will move from the Architecture department to Landscape Architecture. I’m pretty excited and a bit nervous – a lot of it will be new to me, but I’m not one to shy away from a challenge am I?!

Book News: I have signed and sent all preorders and fundraising gifts – Thank you to all of you amazing people for making this dream come true. If you have not yet ordered your copy, please consider doing so. The whole point of this endeavor was/is to share my heart with all of you, not keep it boxed up in my garage. If you read it and like it, tell your friends, tell amazon, tell the internet – that will help me out! After my launch party (TBD) I will begin scheduling readings and signings in local bookstores so stay tuned for those dates. Below are links to purchase Tiptoe and Whisper.


Kindle edition (on sale until 3/24): http://amzn.to/21tTdvf

Baby News: Kingston is a happy, healthy and calm baby. He has been very easy on me, which is appreciated as I have been struggling a bit with the baby blues. Some days I can’t believe I’ve done this twice before. All of his siblings seem to approve of him as well. I can’t believe he will be two weeks old tomorrow. Time really does fly when you’re having fun (or not sleeping well).










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