On this Day

I was born on this day 35 years ago at 10:52 p.m. It was a Sunday. I was several weeks late. My mom ate a basket of shrimp earlier in the evening before my birth, it didn’t settle well with her.

Facts: I hate shrimp and I’m always late.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Today I am 35 years old. My coworkers showered me with food and well wishes. Tonight I will have my traditional Benihana birthday dinner. I will eat too much and fall asleep early. Probably on the couch, because seriously, my bed is so far away. Tonight I will try not to remember that I am now four years older than my dad ever was. I must admit though, I still expect him to call me each year. I can’t explain why. I know the reality of these things.

Today I am 35 years old and my first book has officially launched. I am attempting to plan a launch party and schedule readings and book signings. Sometimes I stop to pinch myself because, is this real life? When did I grow up and take my life by the balls? When did I start laughing way more than not? When did things get so awesome? Did I do this?

Today I am 35 years old and 36 weeks pregnant. I am the heaviest and the happiest I have ever been.

Thank you, Dear Lovelies, for being a part of my journey and sharing in my joy.




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