30 Day Writing Challenge

So prior to the holiday “break”, I was perusing Pinterest (go ahead, you can judge) for some writing challenges that could help me start the new year off on the write foot (see what I did there?  Huh? Huh?).  I thought I’d have all this extra time, maybe even get a few posts written and scheduled in advance, you know real professional-like.  Ha.  It’s like I forgot that I have kids and a house and pregnancy brain and a baby that jumps on my bladder so often, I’m amazed I don’t just telecommute from my bathroom.

I digress.

My approach to writing has always been fairly casual.  I tend to write when the spirit moves me, sometimes though, the spirit doesn’t move me – it leaves me and then all of those nasty voices pop up and I want to burn every word I have ever written and that’s no good.

Most of my writer pals write every day.  Like, they schedule time to do it. They meet up with other people to do it.  This both fascinates and frightens me. The idea of *scheduling* anything freaks me out.  However, I have a book coming out soon, I have this blog (that probably no one reads) and I have all of these ideas that just need a jump start into the world and somewhere to go and be and live.

I thought that a writing challenge would help me stay focused as well as challenge me to write about things (and in ways) that I normally wouldn’t.

So with that, my 30 day challenge is starting 5 days late, feel free to join me and/or share other challenges or prompts you have used.




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