Busy, Busy

I’ve been a busy lady these days, so busy in fact that I have grossly neglected this blog.  It’s pregnancy brain I tell you plus I’m hungry and tired ALL THE TIME.  Sometimes just getting home and waddling to my couch feels like an accomplishment.

Back to busy.  So, here’s the scoop:

  1. My book has a cover!  Woot woot!  I’ll share more about that in a separate post.
  2. I applied for the Loft McKnight Artist Fellowships for Writers.  It’s likely a crazy long shot, but what’s the harm in trying?
  3. I entered the Button Poetry Chapbook contest.
  4. I currently have 13 pieces out for consideration at four journals and magazines: Revolver, AGNI, Cream City Review and Beloit Poetry Journal.
  5. I’m 20 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Last week we found out we’re having a boy!
  6. Related to 5 – Did I tell you, we decided on a March 1 launch for Tiptoe and Whisper?  So if you thought I was crazy before, just you wait!  Book baby and baby-baby at the same time.  Buckle up for safety!
  7. The second Writers Read was AMAZE BALLS!!  Whoa.  There are some amazing writers in the twin cities.
  8. I’ll be reading at Five Watt Coffee on Nov. 17 with four other amazing folks – come check us out!
  9. I’m in the process of soliciting reviews for Tiptoe and Whisper.  The first review I got made me cry.  I can’t explain how amazing it is to admire a writer and have them tell you that they enjoy your work, that your words move and/or touch them.
  10. There are two ladies you NEED to have in your reading/writing/Facebook & Twitter following life: Lisa Harris of Fashion Meets Poetry and Elizabeth Tannen.  These ladies are doin’ the damn thang!

That’s what this is about lovelies – community, encouragement, lifting others up and letting them lift you.  Life is hard, be kind to each other.




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