Today, I just can’t.

Today I am heavy.

Perhaps it was my dream, it was was winter, mountains of snow and my car had been towed. I was smoking cigarettes.

Or maybe it’s the disgusting poem I just read written by another white guy acting like the vagina is a weapon just to justify his penchant for violence against women. You know, “kill or be killed” or some dumb shit like that. Or the fact that he had to include black people too, and “the gays”.

I’m just so fucking tired of guys like that.  Published in all the journals, patted on the back, high fived and I am still scared to walk around at night.  I still have to teach my daughter what not to wear – you know, don’t feed the animals.  It’s exhausting.  It’s sad.

Today, I just can’t.

And after deciding I can’t, a friend posts THIS


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