Slow Going

I think I’m losing steam.  I was so pumped when I first talked with Laura at Wise Ink.  She was echoing all of the things my friends and family had said over the years, “Your work is so powerful…you have great themes, it’s very well-written.”  So, without too much planning I signed on the dotted line to get this book published and now here I sit; wondering just what the hell I think I’m doing.  The campaign has stalled, time is running out and I’m not quite sure what to do.  How do I convince someone to invest in me, in my work, before there is a finished product?  How do I ask people to give as little or as much as they can when there are things much bigger than a little book of poetry happening in the world?

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, shared the info, read my poems, etc., etc.  I love you to pieces.



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